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SeaPC 5000 XP
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The SeaPC - a water resistant, dustproof, completely sealed, passively cooled CPU - is the foundation of VEI's integrated computing, navigation and communication system. More Info on the SeaPC 5000 XP

VEI Midtower Systems

VEI's Midtower computer
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VEI's MidTower is essentially a modified design to current PC's in the market today.  The "Marinized" computer is mounted on shock absorbers to isolate it from impact and vibration; cooled by 3 Fans; Internal adaptors are tied down to restrain them from popping out; and the hardware has been thoroughly tested for Software capability with today's charting programs. More Info on the Midtower computer

VEI Rackmount

VEI's Midtower computer
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As with VEI's desktop, the same technology and workmanship has been put into a 4U Rack mount ruggedized case for the applications that require rack mounting style of computers. More Info on the Rack Mount computer

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