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Navi-Sailor 2500





Product Overview

The navigation system Navi-Sailor 2500 has been developed to meet the specific requirements placed by the naval, coast guard and frontier guard ships. The system can be efficiently used during the ship's patrol missions. A number of its advantages, however, are most efficient in the sailing of ships in formation. The Navi-Sailor 2400 ECDIS and Navi-Fisher systems which hold an excellent reputation at the market, served as prototypes for the development of the Navi-Sailor 2500.

This powerful computer navigation software has its roots in the professional suite of navigation products from Transas Marine. Transas navigation products are trusted and used by commercial shipping lines and Mega Yachts throughout the world.
Because Tsunamis uses only proprietary Transas vector cartography it is the only vector chart/software integrated system.  Tsunamis can zoom in/out on a chart with no loss of clarity, show information as layers (rather than as a flat picture), set intelligent alarms, show navigation aid information on demand (called "chart interrogation"), tidal information and more.
Charts are purchased from the Transas database of over 4200 quality charts, many derived from acclaimed British Admiralty cartography. Email or call BCP to order Transas Charts.



Seafarer capability
In addition to the vector charts of S-57 ver.3 format and raster ARCS and NDI/BSB, the new system can incorporate Seafarer raster charts produced by the Australian Hydrographic Office.

Seafarer capability/ Navi-Sailor 2500

Underwater tracking
This feature means an ability to work with information received from the sonar and some dedicated equipment for the display of tracked underwater objects on the electronic chart.

Underwater tracking/ Navi-Sailor 2500

Track utility
The software of Navi-Sailor 2500 also provides the facility for underwater object tracking and monitoring. Track Utility is a unique new function, which allows tracks of various ships to be merged into one single file. Shipping companies will benefit from this utility by using the stored information for in-house analysis of their navigators' performance.
Information display
A distinctive feature of the Navi-Sailor 2500 is also and a link between the "Add Info" file and various MS Windows programs.

Weather information

The Weather Wizard Software Module is another unique innovation. Weather Wizard incorporates weather forecast data in the Navi-Sailor environment and allows weather conditions to be displayed directly on the electronic chart.

Weather information/ Weather wizard





Easy to use

Full-colour interface and high quality graphics provide clear and easy to understand information.

Route/voyage plan logbook

Enter waypoints with a click of the mouse, save it and then load the route into your voyage plan table, along with ETD and average speed. The ETA is then calculated at each waypoint, even taking into account the effects of tidal currents.

Zoom in with no loss of clarity

Vectorised charts allow 50 levels of zooming from 1:200,000,000 to just 1:1,000. Text and symbols automatically self-adjust, providing instant high-resolution colour clarity.

Personalise your charts

Add symbols, lines, text and dangers etc. to form your own navigational plan or record chart observations, anchorage, shipwrecks or even favoured fishing spots.

Multiple layers of information to customise your display

Vector Charts (layered information) mean you can view or hide layers of information instantly - making it as complex or uncluttered as you wish.

Screen adjustable for day/night/twilight/dusk display

The screen adjustment facility is designed to optimise viewing quality in varying lighting conditions.

Integrate your GPS and other instruments to create a powerful navigation system

Navi-Sailor 2500 can interface with up to 10 sensors (NMEA 0183 compatible), including autopilot, speedlog, wind, compass, sounder etc. Connect to your GPS and see your boat move in 'real time' on the chart display. Navi-Sailor 2500 can automatically lay a track showing where you're going and where you've been. See your true/apparent wind and depth on display - as it happens.

User-definable alarms

For a variety of scenarios - approach of shallow water, navigational dangers, waypoints, user-defined marks etc.

Navtex 'real time' screen safety warnings

Interfacing Navi-Sailor 2500 with suitable Navtex (RS232) equipment will provide the reassuring added safety feature of on-screen warnings.

Display up to 5 charts on screen simultaneously

Multi-chart navigation on screen, with all the information you need - even the most complex passage can now be planned with convenience and enjoyment.

Tidal Information

Simply choose a date and port, enter the draught of your boat, and the tidal curve will appear. Choose the 'currents' option and tidal vectors will be displayed by the hour. Predicted, set and drift is also displayed in 'real time' at boat's position.

'Info' function

Unique to vector charts, Info function allows you to 'interrogate' any selected chart object, (eg. full details of light characteristics or dangerous shipwrecks). Invaluable information at the click of a mouse.

'Playback' function

Watch your voyage replayed on screen. Stop, start, scroll forward or back. A full record of each day's cruising or racing is stored on hard disk for replay at your leisure. Screen-save and print-out facility is also provided.


Optimum screen display - instantly see your boat's position on the screen


Enter vessel safety parameters and enables manual input of position, course, speed etc.

Magnifies area of chart selected by cursor


Adjust scale of chart on-screen

Displays additional information on selected chart objects; eg. name, colour and position of a buoy or depths of contour lines

Allows customisation of information layers

Add symbols, lines and text to personalise your chart

Sets or cancels user-definable audible/visual alarms

Chart scrolling and centring

Access to sub menu functions required for passage planning - setting waypoints etc.

Instant range and bearing to navaids/waypoints

Records vessel's position on chart and log-for events such as 'man overboard', sightings etc.

Access tidal currents, ETA, STG and port information


Displays current and historical logbook

Access to help database


Sets up screen display and exits program


SYSTEM Runs on Windows 95 / 98 or Windows NT.

HARDWARE IBM compatible PC with 486 (or better) processor. Minimum 16mb RAM. CD ROM Drive. Mouse / trackball.

MEMORY Minimum 40 Mb hard disk space.

SCREEN Minimum SVGA (800 x 600) monitor, mono or colour.


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